I have produced a series of 10 day courses to help you get a deeper insight into commodity markets, how to make better decisions, and the outlook for the economy.

Introduction To Commodities And Commodity Markets

Do you want to invest in commodity markets but have no idea where to begin? In just ten short days, you will learn the key concepts behind one of the most exciting financial markets, the commodity market. By the end of the course, you will be able to make an informed view on the outlook for commodity prices and, in turn, have the confidence to affect that view through various financial instruments.

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How To Make Better Decisions Under Uncertainty

Many of the decisions we make every day are subject to uncertainty. Should I accept the job offer? Should I start that business? Should I marry my partner?

This course breaks down the main things you can do to make better decisions under uncertainty, from when to rely on the wisdom of the crowds to why simple formulas can sometimes make for optimal decisions. You will also discover why taking the “outside view” and practicing second-level thinking can give you the edge on your competition.

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Recession proof: How to navigate a turbulent economy and protect your career and investments

You may not know it, but where the economy is on the business cycle impacts your life in a big way. While everything may seem ok when the economy is booming, the cycle will inevitably turn and a period of slow growth or even recession will follow.

Recession may negatively impact your job prospects and future salary. Recession may send your business into a tail spin. Recession may also harm your investments including your retirement savings.

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