Most read articles of 2016: What a year

Over the course of 2016 one of the main areas of focus for commodity markets has been geopolitical risk, and so it has been reflected in the most popular posts of the year on Materials Risk with concerns over the US election and the EU referendum in the UK the top of investors concerns.

Despite the interest in how politics affects markets one of the main takeaways from the year has to be how it is important to focus on how the ‘narrative’ changes once an election outcome is known – gold and other precious metals have been the primary casualty since the middle of 2016 as despite investor fears materialising the price of gold as gone in the opposite direction to which ‘pundits’ have forecasted.

The other posts that have gained lots of interest have been on the perils and challenges in forecasting commodity prices and the things that investors need to watch out for so that they are not sayed by the ‘pundits’ that present a one-sided view of the world. 2017 will mark the release of my second book that looks on this  topic (check out more on the first here).

Interest in what factors affect various commodity markets is also reflected in the most popular posts with interest the series of posts on ‘The top 10 most important drivers’ featuring highly during the year. This is an issue that we will be focusing on more of during 2017 both in articles and perhaps using a different medium (watch this space).

If you would like to make a suggestion for what this site could cover in 2017 you can use the orange feedback box on the right side of this page. That only leaves me to say Happy New Year and hopefully see you in 2017.

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