Best podcasts

The podcasts listed below are the main ones I follow to learn about broader macroeconomic and geopolitical trends and sometimes much more focused editions that look at the detail of a particular market or trend. Under each podcast below I have listed some of my favourite episodes (most likely with a commodity slant to it) and why I found it so useful. Hope you enjoy.

Adventures in Finance: From the team behind Real Vision, Grant Williams (@ttmygh) is a great host and interviewer. They interview some of the most famous investors and hedge fund managers, but also lesser known investors and analysts. They get you to really think about what is behind the story, not just the headline message.

Recommended episodes

– Number 34 – Jim Rogers: The Investment Biker Rides Again. Legendary investor Jim Rogers who is normally associated with commodity markets but as he explains looks for value anywhere and everywhere is a really interesting guy. He shows how important non-consensus thinking has been in his career.

– Number 14 – Feeding the Future: Debt, Demographics & Dinner Plates. Former Soros Fund MD Alan Boyce is an expert in agricultural commodity markets and outlines some of the factors that are far from common knowledge.

– Number 44 – Mind Games: Harnessing Market Psychology. Guests on this episode are Peter Atwater and Ben Hunt. They talk about how understanding market psychology is so important. Key insight for me is how private knowledge transforms into common knowledge or at least the perception.

Oddlots: From the team at Bloomberg (@TheStalwart and @tracyalloway) this is a weekly podcast that delves into everything from why the Beanie Babies craze took off to how algorithms impact every aspect of our lives.

Recommended episodes

– Why Wheat is the Worlds Most Exciting Market Right Now (17th July 2017). Their guest is long time agriculture trader Tommy Grisafi who explains what was happening to the wheat market in mid-2017 following a period of adverse weather. A really useful primer on what the main differences are between the various wheat markets in North America.

– The Incredible True Story of the Real Life ‘Trading Places’ (3rd March 2017). Delves beneath the surface of the so called ‘Turtle Traders’, novices who were given brief training in commodity trading by commodity speculator Richard Dennis.

Macro Voices: Former hedge fund manager Erik Townsend (@ErikSTownsend) discusses whats been moving the markets over the past week and his views on whats going to happen next. Very useful insights into see how someone else thinks about markets. Like many of the other podcasts listed here Macro Voices invites some great guests on the show to discuss things as diverse as Saudi Arabia, retail, cryptocurrencies and commodity prices. Sign up for the weekly email newsletter too that comes out following the show. On my podcast list for a longtime, but thanks to @MiningStockEdu for the upvote.

Recommended episodes

– Jack Schwager: Trading Futures (3rd Feb 2017). Although I’ve read a couple of Schwager’s books (where he interviews top traders) this episode was useful to hear from the man himself on the main lessons to takeaway in both technical and fundamental analysis.

– Rick Rule: Deep dive into pre-revenue resource investing (13th Jan 2017). Great insight from the commodity investor on how important it is to do your research on early stage resource companies.

Futures Radio Show: Podcast from futures trader Anthony Crudele (@anthonycrudele). Topics range from technical analysis, fundamentals and technology. One of the most easily understood of the hosts, Anthony keeps things very accessible and easy to understand.

Recommended episodes

– Episode 19: Developing a relationship with your market. Anthony interviews one of the most prominent oil and energy traders on Twitter @chigrl.

– Episode 140: Forecasting oil and gas markets: Anthony interviews Anas Alhajji (@anasalhajji) about the factors affecting energy markets and some of the mistakes that people make in forecasting.

Peak Prosperity: From Chris Martneson (@chrismartenson) at the blog Peak Prosperity. Many of the episodes are a bit doom and gloom (societal and financial collapse, etc.) but even that can be nice to imagine sometimes, or at least prepare for. Worth checking out Chris’ books too.

Recommended episodes

– Art Berman: Do not get used to todays low oil prices (7th May 2017).

– Michael Shermer: The importance of skepticism (3rd August 2016).

FT Alphachat: A healthy dose of skepticism from the FT Alphaville team. Definitely worth following @izakaminska and @cardiffgarcia.

Recommended episodes

– Dan Drezner on the economics of ideas (29th September 2017). Important episode on how ideas are being popularised by corporations and political parties.

– The making of the crisis in Venezuela (17th March 2017). Economist Ricardo Hausmann examines how the country got into the mess its in and what may happen in the future.

– Michael Mauboussin (@mjmauboussin) reflects on 30 years in the markets (27th Janaury 2017). I’ve read a number of books by the investor (definitely recommend “Think Twice”) but this is the first interview I’ve heard. Interesting perspective on how things have changed in the time he has been involved in financial markets.

Other podcasts worth a mention include…

Palisade Radio: Only recently discovered this one but seems to be very useful to understand investing in resource companies directly.

Monocle 24’s The Foreign Desk: Global-affairs show featuring interviews with political leaders and in-depth analysis of the big issues of the day. Only just discovered this one but will be checking it out. Thanks to @archie_hunterMB for the suggestion.

This list is certainly not complete. There are only so many hours in the day to listen to the shows and discover new ones. If there any others that you recommend be added to the list please let me know through Twitter.