The book

Late 2015 marked the end of an 18 month project to write and publish my first book. The book “Commodities: 50 Things You Really Need To Know” is an exploration of how commodities and commodity markets influence every aspect of our lives. The idea was born out of a sense that commodity markets were, and still are widely misunderstood.

I am certainly very proud of this book and think it serves a gap in the market by providing an entertaining, informative and educational view of commodities and commodity markets. More critically though, I hope that by downloading the book consumers, business people and even policy makers will, by understanding the past make better decisions in the future.

But don’t take my word for it. Here are some of the reviews it has received so far.

“Commodity speculators and armchair economists alike will love Peter Sainsbury’s hugely informative book, ‘Commodities’.” 

 “Excellent, Well rounded Guide to Commodities.”

“Good book, fun read.”

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From the Contents Page

The basics. Income and population. Stocks. Costs. Interest rates. Weather. Commodity cycles. The role of expectations. Fossil fuels. Low carbon energy. Ferrous metal. Base metals. Precious metals. Agriculture. Livestock. Biofuels. Rare earth elements. Secondary commodities. Commodity prices and the economy. China. The resource curse. Commodity volatility. Comparative advantage. The “Fifth Fuel” and the Jevons Paradox. Malthus. Peak oil and resource scarcity. Resource nationalism. Geopolitics. Strategic reserves. Refining commodities. Managing commodity risk. Commodity transportation. Commodity trading firms. Cartels and commodities. Technology and innovation. The shale revolution. Subsidies and taxes. Climate change. Will fixing the climate leave fossil fuels stranded? Water. Sustainability. Commodity futures markets. Physical commodity markets. Speculation and commodity markets. Commodity market manipulation. The arguments for and against investing in commodities. How to trade or invest in commodity markets. Technical analysis, seasonality and noise. Market psychology. Don’t begin an argument with the price.