Introduction To Commodities And Commodity Markets

Do you want to invest in commodity markets but have no idea where to begin? In just ten short days, you will learn the key concepts behind one of the most exciting financial markets, the commodity market. By the end of the course, you will be able to make an informed view on the outlook for commodity prices and, in turn, have the confidence to affect that view through various financial instruments.

Lesson 1: What are commodities?

Lesson 2: What factors affect the price of commodities?

Lesson 3: How do commodity futures markets work?

Lesson 4: Why cycles are so important in commodities

Lesson 5: Metals – focus on gold

Lesson 6: Energy – focus on oil

Lesson 7: Agriculture – focus on soybeans

Lesson 8: How to invest in commodity markets

Lesson 9: How you can use technical and positional analysis to your advantage

Lesson 10: Pitfalls to watch out for and opportunities for gaining an edge

You can also watch the video course instead on Skillshare (first 2 months free using this link)

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