How To Make Better Decisions

Many of the decisions we make every day are subject to uncertainty. Should I accept the job offer? Should I start that business? Should I marry my partner?

But what process should you use? This course breaks down 10 tips for making better decisions under uncertainty; from when to rely on the wisdom of the crowds to why simple formulas can sometimes make for optimal decisions. You will also discover why taking the ‘outside view’ and practicing second level thinking can give you the edge on your competition. Each tip includes at least one action that you can introduce into your everyday life.

Lesson 1: Embrace uncertainty

Lesson 2: When to use your gut instinct

Lesson 3: The inside versus the outside view

Lesson 4: The wisdom of crowds

Lesson 5: Concentrate on the process, not the outcome

Lesson 6: Second level thinking

Lesson 7: Thinking in terms of bets

Lesson 8: Keeping emotion in check

Lesson 9: Weighted pros and cons

Lesson 10: A formula for success?

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