Most popular posts of 2017 on Materials Risk

Below are the 10 most popular posts from Materials Risk during 2017. If you haven’t already seen it my second book, “Crude Forecasts: Predictions, Pundits & Profits In The Commodity Casino was published this autumn. Do check it out. If you are interested in my other book recommendations check these out too.

Many thanks for your support during 2017. Here’s to a successful 2018.

Happy New Year


1. Cocoa prices: The top 10 most important drivers

2. Where do we stand in the commodity cycle?

3. Just how accurate are oil price predictions?

4. When will the 5 year agricultural bear market come to an end?

5. Batteries now included: You’ll meet a bad fate if you extrapolate

6. What lessons does rhodium have for commodity investors?

7. Everyday stable prices: How one entrepreneur is helping farmers plan for the future

8. How monetary policy and commodity markets collide

9. Narrative economics

10. The mocha hedge: Long planting cycles point to moribund soft commodity prices

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