Since late 2015 I have written and published two books aiming to delve underneath the markets for commodities and make them accessible to all. I am certainly very proud of both books and think they serve a gap in the market by providing an entertaining, informative and educational view of commodities and commodity markets. More critically though, I hope that by downloading the book consumers, business people and even policy makers will, by understanding the past make better decisions in the future.

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My first book “Commodities: 50 Things You Really Need To Know is an exploration of how commodities and commodity markets influence every aspect of our lives. The idea was born out of a sense that commodity markets were, and still are widely misunderstood (click here to read the introduction and the first chapter).

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My second book, “Crude Forecasts: Predictions, Pundits And Profits In The Commodity Casino” was published in late 2017 and will help you make better investment decisions in commodity markets. Find out which pundits and forecasters really know what they are talking about and track them. Understand the factors you can use to hold the ‘experts’ to account (click here to read the introduction and the first chapter).

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My third book, The Winning Formula: Betting on F1″ was published in early 2019. Inside you will learn the fundamental factors to begin betting on Formula one motor racing and develop your own betting strategies.

In this book I outline my Formula one betting system. From understanding what to look out for in pre-season testing, to insights on to how different tracks play into the hands of different drivers and onto tips on where to look for value, my book is a timely introduction to Formula one betting systems.

To hear me discuss Formula one betting and the book in more detail check out the Business of Betting Podcast (episode 99). You can follow me on Twitter talking about F1 at @betonformula1

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