Materials Risk provides commodity market insights across your supply chain by highlighting emerging risks and opportunities and providing advice on commodity buying and managing risk.

Over the past decade tight commodity supply, rising demand and economic, geopolitical and climatic uncertainty has meant that relatively small changes in demand can result in large price volatility. Furthermore, commodity prices are now transmitted across supply chains quicker and with greater magnitude than ever before due to lower inventories and flexible pricing contracts.

In order to take advantage of this price uncertainty, commodity buyers and supply chain professionals need to be actively monitoring commodity markets while also understanding the key drivers and risks. Materials Risk provides succinct bite sized pieces of analysis, targeted at actual commodity buyers with limited time.

Current subscribers to Materials Risk include supply chain consultants, energy companies, commodity traders and software developers, metal manufacturers, investment banks, commodity brokers and industry associations.

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Peter Sainsbury founded Materials Risk in 2011 aware that the post-financial crisis world would be very different for commodity markets that had become use to ever rising prices buoyed by Chinese economic growth.

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