Soar Financial (May 2021): I talk to Kai about recent developments in commodity markets, the China related risks I see over the horizon and what’s going on with Iridium.

Betting Table Talks (May 2021): I chat to the guys at Mercurius about process versus outcomes in betting, how I monitor my betting performance and the methods I use to reduce the impact of psychology on decision making.

Actionable Intelligence (February 2021): John Polomny and I discuss some of the issues, facts and ideas that people misunderstand about commodity markets. We discussed cyclicality and how to best to understand and harness this concept. Finally, we talk about whether we are on the cusp of a new commodity super-cycle, and if so, what are some of the catalysts or tailwinds.

Mining Stock Education (November 2020): I discussed whether its possible for the average retail commodity speculator to be consistently successful, and hot realistic it is to accurately and consistently forecast commodity prices. We discussed the current commodity investment proposition in historical perspective and where the best investment opportunities are right now. We talked about the key differences investors should know about investing in soft commodities versus mined commodities and the role of studying currencies related to the given commodity.

Paul Zimnisky podcast (October 2020): I talked about my new book and how it can help navigate the daily barrage of information. We also talked about whether the global gold market is manipulated and if there is a ceiling on the gold price. We then discussed humans’ innate desire for precious metals and stones, whether the contract-backed-structure of selling diamonds is ideal, where we are in the current commodity cycle, if there will be another “China-like” economic boom in our lifetime, what the super lower interest rate environment means for commodities, and finally, what other assets have a low price-elasticity-of-demand like diamonds.

 Trademate Sports (August 2020): We talk about the similarities and difference between betting and trading on the stock market and the pros and cons of each method. Later in the podcast, I talk about my new book “Pay Attention” and the edges I have found in F1 over the years.

My Worst Investment Ever (January 2020): Make your own decisions, and don’t be swayed by what you read or see on financial TV. Do your own research and do it well. Make sure that what you’re investing in is aligned to what you expect to see happen. Lastly, I suggest using a decision-making journal to track the actual process over time and keeps you aware when you deviate from the process.

The Contrarian Podcast (January 2020): I discuss my thesis that the fossil fuel industry faces a dilemma similar to what confounded big tobacco a generation ago. Oil companies in particular are starting to be seen as “sin stocks” with institutions divesting themselves on ethical grounds. Much like tobacco companies reinvented themselves in the 1990s, energy companies can undergo a similar renaissance. Indeed the process of oil companies divesting harmful assets is already underway. This causes opportunities for investors. But first, expect headwinds.

The Business of Betting Podcast (April 2019): I talk about my Formula 1 betting book, my background in economics and commodities, and my time in betting formula 1 and how the markets are evolving.

The Mike Alkin Show (July 2018): We discuss the quick rise and fall of copper, the impact of trade war fears on commodities, the outlook for global growth and potash—unloved and poised for a rebound

The Mike Alkin Show (May 2018): Mike and I discuss our approaches to investing in the commodity complex.

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