Recession proof: How to navigate a turbulent economy and protect your career and investments

You may not know it, but where the economy is on the business cycle impacts your life in a big way. While everything may seem ok when the economy is booming, the cycle will inevitably turn and a period of slow growth or even recession will follow.

Recession may negatively impact your job prospects and future salary. Recession may send your business into a tail spin. Recession may also harm your investments including your retirement savings.

That’s why it’s important for everyone, business owners, investors, and employees alike-to understand where to find and how to interpret the best economic leading indicators.

This course breaks down the key economic leading indicators, from big-picture data like the yield curve on Treasury bonds and manufacturing activity down to alternative signals like the number of cranes on the city skyline to fertility rates.

Lesson 1: What is the business cycle?

Lesson 2: Manufacturing activity

Lesson 3: The yield curve

Lesson 4: Confidence

Lesson 5: Big decisions

Lesson 6: Signals

Lesson 7: Misleading indicators

Lesson 8: Why doing your own research is so important

Lesson 9: Your career

Lesson 10: Your investments

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