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As the year draws to a close I wanted to highlight the most popular articles of 2019. I’ve published 22 articles on the site this year. These 5 articles appear to have hit a mark with readers:

1.The gold stock-to-flow model: “Gold isn’t as valuable because it is so rare, but quite the opposite: Gold is valued so highly because annual production relative to the existing stock is so small. Putting it differently: not only scarcity, but primarily the relative constancy of the available stock is what makes gold unique.”

2.What I learned from “Principles for Navigating Big Debt Crisis” by Ray Dalio: Dalio outlines Bridgewater’s research on more than 50 debt crisis that have occurred over the past 100 years, drawing together the remarkable similarities. It provides a consistent playbook for how crisis play out, how policymakers respond (who often make the same mistakes) and what it means for investors. This article pulls together some of the main insights I took away from the book.

3.Platinum boom on the horizon? Not so fast!: Palladium has been the stand out performer in commodity markets over the past three years. Palladium, mainly used in catalytic converters to control emissions from gasoline engines has been supported by a switch away from diesel vehicles and by the introduction of tighter vehicle emissions standards in China and elsewhere in the world.

4.Fake news infiltrates commodity markets: 10 ways you can fight back: The ability to form accurate beliefs about what is happening in our world is key to our success as citizens, consumers, and of course as investors. Still, our ability to form and update beliefs sometimes goes badly wrong. Misinformation and fake news has been getting plenty of attention following the election of President Trump. The impact stretches much wider. It affects political developments elsewhere in the world and matters a great deal in commodity and other financial markets.

5.What the headlines are telling us about sentiment in commodity markets: Digesting the financial media’s latest headlines at the wrong time of day can be bad for your personal and financial health. Headlines can, when you can think about them rationally offer important clues into the state of financial markets, opening up opportunities for investors.

Every fortnight (well almost) I send subscribers links to the best research I’ve found free to view on the internet. Whether its commodity markets, macroeconomics or focused on a specific industry I’ve tried to compile the best there is.

Didn’t find the book you were looking for in your stocking this Christmas? Then consider checking out those books on my recommended reading list. Got a long journey to make? Then check out some of the podcasts I subscribe to.

Happy New Year 🙂

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